Fiji Carved Boat

Relationship: Im/migrant
carving on wooden boat
carving on wooden boat

 Have you ever been to Fiji? Well, I was born there. It is a vacation spot with several attractions to most people, but for me, it is the place where a good part of my family and I are from. That is also the place my parents went for their honeymoon, resulting in me being born there. Now, I'm not writing this out as a dedication to Fiji itself because frankly, I don't remember all too much about the place. Sadly, I moved out of that place too young to remember the culture or landscapes that the island has grown so popular for. My “story” starts there, though. So do my parent’s. That's why I chose a wooden and hand carved boat. It marks the start of my parent’s marriage, also the birth of me! All started with Fiji. The boat in itself is pretty small, only around twice the size of my hand. It's not the value of the boat itself that makes it upfront and center on the shelf in my parent’s room but rather for what it symbolizes. The carving of both my parents' names on one side and “Fiji” on the other is what makes it special. Although the island is primarily known for the scenery, or even the bottled water, it means a lot more to me. I am glad to say that's where I am from, and where my parents started their family.It is not for it’s own individual or material worth that makes an object special, rather than the weight it carries in your mind. The boat symbolizes the start of my family which I am very thankful for.

Place(s): Fiji

– Areeba Mahmood

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant