photo of New York
photo of New York

I was born in New York in 2006, shortly after my birth I moved to Erope for the first 3 years, but I don't remember that time, after that I moved back to New york. Because basically all of my family lives in Europe I travel there regularly where I am exposed to the European culture and way of living. Living in New York I have become very used to the way of living here so whenever I travel to Europe it seems very different to me. In New York I'm used to children typically growing up faster and people able to go to more places alone. I'm also used to having very diverse friend groups. Traveling to Europe twice a year opens my eyes a lot to all the different cultures and architecture. Although I love Europe I could never see myself living there, New York has definitely formed me in a way of “personality” and maturity. 

Place(s): New York

– J

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