I got my first phone when I was 12. I can still remember vividly that it was an iPhone5. I started to use technology at a late age because my parents did not allow me; they thought that it would be a distraction and, therefore, I always felt left behind by my friends. We always like to look at what other people have and compare it with ourselves. In 2012, technology was so commonly used by all people. Small children who could not yet write, know how to play video games. So, when my parents finally allowed me to have a phone, I was so excited. I always held it in my hand and my fresh curiosity kept me wanting to explore all of the phone’s functions. Not only that, but also the first phone I got represents the freedom my parents gave me. Upon reflection, I had lost the curiosity to explore the functions of the phone I have right now. While I used to enjoy reading books, comics, stories and autobiographies, when I attempt to do these activities now, I’m distracted by technology. Even though technology allows me to read books on a phone and even some more books I cannot buy, I realized that I cannot focus on reading as I previously did. There's always something new circulating on social media and it drags me out of that silent world. The memories before 12 seem like a peaceful and warm lake, I was focused on my own world and live in my own world. While I can't quantify how much technology benefits me because I certainly have gained a lot from using it, I know that I’ve lost something by using it too. 

– Amber Li

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