I'm a born and raised Guyanese, and for most Guyanese Christmas is one of our favorite holidays in the whole year. This is one of my favorite holidays because of the different varieties of foods and baked goods. If you ask any Guyanese person what’s the best part about Christmas they would say the PEPPERPOT. PepperPot is a rich meat stew that has been handed down to us from my Amerindian ancestors. It is traditionally eaten with bread (in my family we prefer HOMEMADE bread) on Christmas morning. Growing up as a child in Guyana my favorite childhood memory was waking up early Christmas morning to the smell of the baking bread and the PepperPot boiling on the stove. Migrating from Guyana to my new home in New York City was really tough, NYC was nothing compared to home. My family, especially my grandmother knew things would not be the same living in New York so she kept our family traditions alive. Every Christmas she prepared PepperPot with homemade bread. Although I wasn’t in Guyana anymore, waking up to the smell of PepperPot every Christmas in New York City made me less homesick.

Year: 2000

– Kadeen

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