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Relationship: Im/migrant

I was born into a humble family in a small town in Colombia. I was always surrounded by the love of my family. In 2012 I started an online relationship with the love of my life. My boyfriend is from El Salvador and he was living in Kingston, NY. We fell madly in love and after a year of online relationship we decided to try a life together. When I moved to the United States I had mixed feelings. First, I was grateful to God for the opportunity. My life change completely and one of the reasons was because I promised myself to start a new life away from alcohol and closer to God. Second, I felt scared because I didn’t have my family in here. When I arrived in 2013, I didn’t feel that I needed them. Soon I started to feel very lonely. Life in this country is very different. The only good thing was that I could call my family by Skype every day. My relationship with my siblings changed a lot, they didn’t use to be very loving with me, but since I lived here they express their love to me every day and I see how proud they are of me. This was a new world with many obstacles, I think that most people I have met are like angels that God put in my way. The best feeling I have experienced is having become a mother. My son is the greatest gift I have. When he was born he filled my life .I understood how great the love of a mother is and knew that I wouldn’t feel so alone being away from my family. He encourages me to continue learning, to be better and not to give up when times are difficult. We are a small family of 3, with dreams to fulfill and with a lot of faith. Everything is possible if you believe.

Place(s): Colombia, El Salvador, Kingston
Year: 2013

– Milena

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant