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Patio's Story
Patio's Story

My artifact is a stuffed Dog named Patio. He is a Yorkie breed. He’s made of fake fur and cotton. He has been with me my whole life. My mom and dad first bought him for my sister. But it ended up going to me. I bring him everywhere. He gives me comfort when I'm feeling sad or scared. If you're wondering why I chose a toy of all things, it’s because he is very important to me. While he teaches nothing about my culture, he represents my life. One thing that makes him super special to me is because I've always wanted a dog. And he is the closest thing to that. I am also the only one who uses him.When I first got Patio I was 1. I always would play with him and hug and sleep with him. ( Which i still do now. ) I had Patio and loved him until one day in first grade, when dad brought me to the library to eat my breakfast there, I lost him. I had brought him with me. And dad brought him back home. Patio must have fallen or something because then the next day, I couldn’t find him. That day when i just couldn’t find him, I felt depressed. Patio meant the world to me. Losing him made me feel terrible. Until next Christmas, I got another Patio! And I've had that one ever since. I’m not actually sure if this is how I lost him but this is how I remember it.Some questions I have: When did Annika ( my sister ) receive Patio?Where is Patio 1? Did he get thrown into the trash? Wherever he is and whatever happened to him, I still love him and Patio 2 just the same. Because they tell my life. I really hope Patio 1 is in good hands. 

Place(s): Brooklyn
Year: 2011

– GT

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant