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The object I picked is my great-grandmother's passport. Her name is Herta and she was 15 years old when she came to America from Vienna where she was born. A bunch of the cover and some of the pages of her passport have swastikas, a symbol of the Nazis who were in control when she lived in Austria. She had a brother that came with her too, his name is Bernie. They didn't really want to leave but they knew that their lives were in danger and it was the right thing to do. Their parents said that they would come and meet them but they never came - the reason why their parents were unable to get a visa to come to America is because they were born in Poland and they were not letting in as many Polish Jews. In the passport there is a big red J which stands for Jew, they didn't put a letter for any other religions, they only put the J so they would be able to identify the Jews. That's not fair. People shouldn't be forced to leave their home and killed because of their religion.

Year: 1939

– Ella Goodman

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