Passover & My Father's Brisket

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My Father's Brisket
My Father's Brisket

My tradition is when my father makes brisket on Passover. My family is from Russia and Israel and we are Jewish. Though some of our family are now atheists (including me and my parents). Still we celebrate Passover because it brings the family together (and my father's brisket is very good, everyone in the family loves it). If you did not know Passover is a Jewish celebration of when the people of Israel were freed from the slavery of Ancient Egypt.  
I chose this tradition because it is meaningful to our family because every year we all come to my apartment to eat my fathers brisket and celebrate Passover which is meaningful to us. Sadly over Covid we have not been able to all gather together in a confined space. This tradition teaches me that even though some of our family are atheists we still hold on to some Jewish traditions because they are still meaningful to us. On my fathers side his grandfather or my great grandfather immigrated from Palestine which is now part of Israel, to the U.S. On my moms side her great grandfather or my great great grandfather immigrated from Russia to the U.S.
I wonder if brisket holds a special meaning to my family or if it is random? I am proud that my family has kept this tradition going throughout the generations and I will pass this tradition down to my children (maybe I will even make brisket). 

Place(s): Russia

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