Passaporte Mexicano

Relationship: Im/migrant
My Mexican Passport
My Mexican Passport

 Growing up in Mexico came with a lot of pressures and obstacles that I can now understand were incredibly hard for my mother to undergo and witness me and my siblings endure as well. My mother had just become a single mother after she had left my father and she began to worry about what her children's future would be like while living in Mexico. My parents shared a business together in Mexico, but once they separated my mom was left with nothing and all her plans of a better future disappeared. One of her biggest pull factors to immigrate to the United States with me and my oldest sister was to make sure we had a proper chance to have the best education that she could give us. This passport means a lot to me because I know how difficult it was for my mother to be able to provide me with this document that gave me passage to this country which has given me so many opportunities. The immigration process is not easy, my mother had to pay a lot of money and go to countless interviews from which she was denied countless times, sometimes due to certain immigration officers having a negative prejudice, until one day they finally gave her the final seal of approval. Every time I travel back to Mexico and I take my Mexican passport out, it reminds me of how incredibly grateful I am for my mother and all the hardships she had to endure to provide me with such a small yet impactful document. 

Place(s): Mexico, United States
Year: 2010

– DG

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant