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Parsons and Davenport (great grandma) side
Parsons and Davenport (great grandma) side

After I was born, I was adopted twice. My birth mom was Caucasian, and my birth father was Filipino. My grandpa owned a sugarcane plantation in the Philippines, and that was where my mom met my birth father.
My grandma adopted me when I was born, but was later diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away when I was six years old. When I was seven, my cousins adopted me, and I moved from Los Angeles to start a whole new life in Ventura County. When they adopted me, they kept Parsons and added theirs, (Aldrich) to respect my grandma who asked them to adopt me in her will. Both my cousins and their children were all white, so we would often get questioned how we were all related. 
Family is everything to me, and after losing  my grandma who raised me for six years, ad my great grandma soon after that, really put a huge toll on me emotionally. With both my grandma and great grandma gone, it is just me and my birth mom left from our little Parsons Family, at least from what I grew up with. I am beyond thankful for the family I have now and the relationship I am able to have with my birth mom.
It wasn’t until recently that I learned how significant our last name Parsons was. My great grandpa Charles “Chick” Parsons was a spy in World War II for the Americans. For his wartime service he received many honors, including the Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Navy Crosses, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart from the U.S. Panama had given him the Vasco Nunez, and the Philippines awarded him not only its medal of Valor, but citizenship which he was proud to have. 

Place(s): Philippines, World War 2

– Mika Parsons Aldrich

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more