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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Parents at aquarium(Academy of sciences)
Parents at aquarium(Academy of sciences)

The images shared are of my parents in San Fransisco. The image shows my parents at the California Academy of Sciences including an aquarium image. I took the images for a photography class at Cal Poly Humboldt and the images are special to me because I don’t have images of my parents together. The image speaks a lot to my identity because it touches on my connection to being Latino American. The significance of the image to me is my parent's history. Both of my parents immigrated to California due to civil wars going on in their countries (Peru/ El Salvador). My family has grown and superseded over large obstacles. The object's meaning shapes my identity because though the images simply depict a couple when one looks closer at the story that couple started a family through immigration, in their early 20s, and are now an older couple proud of the opportunities and successes their daughters obtained in the United States. The images make me think of how far my parents have come, how close they've come together, how different my life would've been in one of my parent's countries, or the likelihood my parents even got to meet each other. I enjoy the image because it brings me happiness to see my parents enjoying living life together in California and relaxing. The images are important to me because my parents are hard workers who don’t usually enjoy taking time off work and had different opportunities, experiences, and obstacles throughout their journey immigrating and growing up than my sister and I have experienced here in the United States.  

Place(s): Peru, United States, El Salvador

– Alexandra S.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant