Pani Puri

Relationship: Im/migrant

The special thing that family and I brought with us when we first came to America was a recipe that my family uses only on special occasions, Ramadan, and Eid in Pakistan. The name of the special recipe is how to make Pani Puri. There are hundreds of ways to make Pani Puri but this is how my mom makes them. This recipe is important to our family because in Pakistan my siblings and I ate pani puri on a hot day and felt really good because in Pakistan it's very hot and Pani Puri is cold and sour so it makes you feel good on a hot day. The puri that you are going to fill is made out of dough and the Pani Puri is sour and spicy you can put the green chutney if you want to put the chutney makes the pani less sour and spice but I like the pani sour.My mom puts chic beans in the puri and after that she puts them in the refrigerator to keep them could if not the puri might melt. The history behind the recipe is that it reminds my family and me of our homeland and my grandma because in Pakistan in Ramadan my grandma would make her special Pani Puri and everyone wants to know her special recipe.

Year: 2009

– Saira

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant