Relationship: Im/migrant

  Plov is a traditional Uzbek dish, which is made up of mostly rice, carrots , and meat. There is 12 different types of plov because each province in Uzbekistan has its own type of plov.
I personally like Samarkands plov since I am from the Samarkand Province. Plov is a old traditional dish it is served on special occasions for example (holidays, family gatherings, and celebrations). Plov is made through three ways first you fry then you boil and at last you steam it which creates the three different tastes. Plov is very special to me and my family because it represents our culture and religion and our connection with the rest of the family, we usually make plov every thursday since thats the day our family gathers up for dinner and some other family discussions.

Place(s): Uzbekistan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant