Painting Of Registan

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Painting of Registan in the old days.
Painting of Registan in the old days.

Before my mother and father immigrated to America in 2010 from Samarkand, my grandmother and grandfather gave my mother an old painting of a special place in Samarkand called Registan. My Mother and father could not bring much to America when they decided to immigrate and only had two tickets. So they had to leave me behind which my mother said was hard to do. They decided to bring the painting to America because it reminded my mom and dad of their family. 
The journey to  America was hard. It was my father and mother’s first time traveling anywhere.  They thought the journey took a long time. The plane ride was not pleasant either. My mother said she felt sick for most of the trip. Their first stop was Russia. They got off the plane because they had to take a different plane to America.They got in the next plane to America. My mother felt the plane to America was even longer. My mother did not know what time it was. She had a tiny phone that only worked in Samarkand. After a long time it was time to get off the plane. My mother was full of excitement to get out of the airplane. They got their bags that were heavy. They took a taxi to the place where they were going to stay. Thankfully they had a place to stay because they shared an apartment with my dad’s Samarkand friends who happily let them stay. My parents had their own room that they got to decorate. My father’s friends gave them food and money, since they were working. My parents settled in America with one room that had a bed and a closet and a beautiful painting from home hung on the wall.

Place(s): Samarkand
Year: 2010

– Masadova

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant