Oxtail with rice and peas

         My name is Jahkeema Johnson. Both sides of my family are Jamaican. Me, my siblings, and a few of my cousins are first generation American. Jamaica is  known for its wide variety of foods as well as most parts of the Caribbean. My family started a tradition. My great grandmother started it on my father's side of the family. My family came to America to start a better life. Since my great grandmother loved oxtail, that became the "welcome to America" dish for her and her family.
            When my grandma came along and had children of her own(my dad and my two uncles), she carried on that tradition with her family. When I have children of my own one day, they'll be born in Jamaica and they'll enjoy oxtail with rice and peas as their "welcome to America" meal as well. 

Year: 1966

– Jahkeema Johnson

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