Our Mango tree

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This is a mango tree .
This is a mango tree .

This mango tree is the oldest living thing in my family home, a witness to three generations in our incestry: my great grandparents, my grandmother, my mother, and even myself, Luca. In this home, my great grandmother gave birth to grandmother in 1955. My grandmother and her siblings would play under the mango tree, climb it, and bathe in the outdoor tub that was underneath. Years later, she married my grandfather and had her own kids, including my mother.. My godfather and My mom who were closer in age, spent many days running in the yard, playing hide and seek with their friends, riding their bikes in circles that would bring them back under the mango tree. Much later (when they were teenagers), my grandmother and my grandfather renovated the house and the yard, paving much of the garden to add a swimming pool in the front yard. My godmother and her friends threw many parties under the mango tree, and they enjoyed family meals in that same spot. Finally, my mother returned to live in this home with me and my brother after her divorce. I was barely two years old. The tree now looks skinnier than it used to; it has withstood many thunderstorms, hurricanes and a tragic earthquake. But we still love that tree and the shade it provides to our family.

Place(s): Haiti

– Luca Antoine

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more