Onderdonk Family Crest

This family crest is about 500 years old, and has been the symbol of my family since we lived in the Netherlands in the 16th century. It was brought to the United States by Adriaen van der Donck in 1641, when he set sail to what was then New Amsterdam. The crest has been passed down from generation to generation ever since. The crest itself is decorated with three seashells in the middle, lionheads on the left and right of the center, and the name "Onderdonk" engraved at the bottom.

I personally have never met anyone on my father's side that was part of the Onderdonk family outside of my father himself, and because of that, we don't have a detailed idea of what exactly the crest stands for. However, I feel very connected to my family through this, as in a way, it feels like it's what I have left of my ancestors. Knowing that this family crest has not only seen my family's history, but been in New York for nearly all of its history, it's something very special to be able to have in my room.

Year: 1641

– Max Onderdonk

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