A map of Indiana and Ohio.
A map of Indiana and Ohio.

Well it’s not really an object, because it's me. I’m talking about me because I've made a big transition over the past year and some months. I moved away from my hometown, my family, friends, everything and everybody I grew up with. We moved to Cleveland because it’s a big city and we thought it was going to be different. I like the downtown part of Cleveland because there's lots of stuff down there and it's really pretty at night time. But I’ve made a big transition because down here it's a little different from Indiana and how we do things out there. Some of the things that are different are the school lunches, honestly I feel like we were getting fed jail food. Another thing is the people, people were way nicer than people in Cleveland but you adjust real fast. The driving in Cleveland is like everybody drives the same and it's not really a good thing, I see a lot of crashes happen, not big crashes smaller ones. But they happen because people don’t use turn signals, they turn very slowly but drive very, very fast. But one thing I can say about the schools is most schools don’t have a dress code, so you could really dress how you want to, but not explicit or inappropriate. Another thing is the road work, sometimes it’s just cones in the street and no work is being done to the street or anything so they make a lot of unnecessary traffic jams.  A good thing about Cleveland is how big it is and the different types of shopping places, food places, and more things to do down here other than Indiana I could say. 

Place(s): Indiana

– Errica

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