Olla de la fortuna

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Each group of people have many unique objects that help express and contribute to their culture. In my special case, this unique object is called la olla de la fortuna, which is translated to the pot of the fortunate. This object can be described as a small ceramic pot that is comprised of many different components that are also made of ceramic, such as: a coin, rice, grains etc. The significance of this pot in my culture is that if you receive it as a gift, it represents good luck. In addition to it needing to be received in order for it to be good luck, it also has to be placed somewhere in your kitchen. It’s important to understand that each element has its own meaning to it. For example, the coin represents good wealth. La olla de la fortuna is sold in a small city off the coast of Chile, in a town called Valparaiso. It is convenient to indicate that Valparaiso is a port, which is essential to the fact that this is where the majority of the elements in the pot are imported and exported from. My mother told me about la olla de la fortuna after I asked her why my Grandma got it for her. It is important to me because it identifies my culture being comprised of caring and unselfish people in the sense that we wish good luck to not only ourselves but to others as well.

Year: 1994

– Gabriella L

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