Old Pan

An old pan with a lot of scratches on it
An old pan with a lot of scratches on it

When I was first thinking about this submission I had no idea where to begin. I couldn’t think of anything so I asked my mom. At first she didn’t know what i should write about, but then she figured it out. My mom couldn’t recall something materialistic that was passed down, but she did have something. My mom said cooking, I had kind of expected her to say that. Cooking has always been a big part of my life. My mother has always made delicious and amazing meals for my family. My mother rarely talks about our family, but one thing she never failed to mention were the amazing recipes. I had always thought there would be a book that she kept hidden away, but that was not the case. When my mother was younger she spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Learning from her parents and aunts. She was always taught that the most important ingredient is love. That and the right seasonings. Sometimes I’ll go to the kitchen and watch my mom cook, because I know that’s the only way I’ll learn. My mother is always telling me how I should be watching her cook so that I will learn. I know that it’s more than learning how to cook, it’s the memories. The memories that I will hold on too. Similar to the memories that my mother has of all the delicious food she made with her family. In my family cooking isn;t just about the food it’s about the love.

– DP.

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