Old Family Picture

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Me and my grandmother, 1989, Evanston
Me and my grandmother, 1989, Evanston

 This is an old picture that me and my grandmother stand in front of one Macdonald store in Evanston, Illinois at 1989. The year I was born. My dad went to the college in that time, so me and my sister were born in United States. Technically, I won’t look myself as immigrants because I went back to Taiwan after that. I never feel I am an American even I have the citizenship. However, the back story of this picture actually related with the immigrant’s experience. In Asian culture, after you gave birth to kids, you have to start the postpartum confinement, which means my mom have to rest in the bed for 30 days, she can’t do housekeeping or any kind of hard work. She has to drink chicken soup and a lot healthy food for recovering. However, back that time, my parents didn’t have money to hire people do this for them. Therefore, my grandmother flew from Taiwan to America for take care my mom and us. That was my grandmother first time took airplane and came to US by herself. I feel my grandmother was the bravest woman in my life because of this picture. Now I went back to America for studying, I start to have my own memories while I am here. I still feel I more like Taiwanese than American, however, there are more culture connections compare to before. Maybe, one day I will feel I am immigrants as well.   

Place(s): Taiwan, Evanston
Year: 1989

– TH

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant