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German book named "Die Brüder löwenherz"
German book named "Die Brüder löwenherz"

This book is a book that belonged to my mother when she was around 12 years old. The author that wrote this book, Astrid Lindgren, was one of my mom's absolute favorite authors. In America, Lindgren is known for writing Pippi Longstocking. The title of the book translates into "The Lionheart Brothers". It's about two brothers named Krümel and Jonathan. at the beginning of the book, the younger brother, Krümel, is very ill and when he's lying on his death bed, Jonathan promises him that they will see each other again in a new mystical land after they both eventually die. Something that Krümel always wanted is to own horses and as you can see on the cover of the book, the two brothers are both on horses. In this mystical land that they call "Nagijala", Krumel has to face his fears with his brother by his side. The book talks about the mystery of life and death but also about overcoming your fears and learning how to stand up for yourself. My mom was born in Germany and lived there for 20 years. When my mother has this book in her hands and reads it out loud in her mother-tongue makes her feel at home and connected her to her childhood. Now when I read this book in New York City, knowing that she read it in a small town in southern Germany when she was just a little younger than me, makes me feel not only connected to her but also connected to my European heritage. 

Place(s): Germany
Year: 1996

– AP

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