Oil Pastel Drawing

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Drawing of a man walking in snow
Drawing of a man walking in snow

This is an oil-pastel drawing that my Grandma made about five years ago. It's a man walking alone in the snow. When I was in seventh grade, My sister and I went to visit her, and she told us that she had drawn it in an art class. I was impressed with it, because she wasn't an artsy woman in the least. She was very tall and prim, and she had fought her parents and husband to complete a master's degree while raising two young boys. After our granddad passed it seemed like she had more space to make friends and art. 

She died last year of liver failure, after accumulating many friends and I hope making more art. My dad traveled to Scotland to clear out her house, and this is one of the things he brought back with him. He didn't know it was something she made until I told him. It's in our living room now. 

My dad also brought back her photos, her jewelry, and some small pearl boxes she kept on her dresser. Out of all of those things, I think the painting is where she lives on. She was a talented, thoughtful woman, and I hope that's how she'd want to be remembered. I didn't get to know that side of her well enough, and so I want to keep the painting. 

Place(s): Glasgow, Scotland
Year: 2003

– CC

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant