Nonie's Plant

The object I have chosen to write about is a living plant that is over thirty years old. The story behind the plant begins before I was born in the 1970. As the story goes, my grandmother (Nonie) received a table that my uncle Eddy made her. He built the table out of glass. The bottom portion of the table is a terrarium of which he had filled with soil and different plants. My nonie cherished this table as long as she lived. My family cherished Nonie. When Nonie passed away in 1996, my brother took the table to his home but before he took it, my mom and took a clipping of the plant. Today, I, my brother, sister and mother all have fully grown plants that originated from my Nonie’s plant. My family often talks about Nonie, which always brings us to tears. She was the center of our family and dear to our hearts. When I asked my mother and brother what the plant means to them, they said the same thing I was thinking, and that is, the plant represents the life our Nonie created. When we look at the plant, it makes us feel that she is with us, and she is watching over us. When I water the plant, I feel like Nonie is close by. Although my Nonie is no longer alive, the plant that she took care of for over thirty years has lived on within my family for an additional 19 years.

Year: 1970

– Bradley

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