I was five years old when I discovered  my goal in life. I was watching the National Television Station (NTA) Kotangora in Niger state Nigeria when I fell in love with the newscaster late Funmi Ajayi. I shared my dream of becoming  a newscaster with my mother and she agreed with me and began the journey with me.  Several times my mother and father will get into a fight because of me that my dad had to tell me in anger that I will  marry someday because to him I was the cause of the fight. Four years after, I got into school and graduated successfully, became a Newscaster with a state owned television station in Nigeria which happened before my mother passed on to glory on March 29, 2017. Although she died at the tender age of 66 when she was supposed to start reaping  the good fruit of her commitment  to me, she lived to watch me on the news.

Place(s): Nigeria

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Relationship:  unknown unknown