My object is the statue Of Nefertiti. (Queen of Ancient Egypt). The statue of Nefertiti has been passed down to my mom. It's mostly used for display around the house.The statue of Nefertiti is made of stucco- coated limestone. Nefertiti may have suffered from an ophthalmic infection and lost her left eye. The statue of Nefertiti is important to my culture and family because it's the queen of Egypt and because I am Egyptian. I chose it because it's my ancestor.

It teaches about my culture that it's the queen of Egypt and the wife of king Akhenaten. This statue is connected to my grandma because she immigrated to the US from Egypt. No one knows how Nefertiti died because she disappeared and her body has ever been found. Nefertiti was born in c. 1370 BC Thebes, Egypt.

Place(s): Egypt

– AB

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