grandma's necklace
grandma's necklace

Diamonds are a girl's best friend they say.This necklace was passed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother. I’ve always been very close to my grandmother. Growing up, was always at my grandparent's house. I made sure my parents dropped me off at my grandparent's house every Friday after school. My grandmother taught me so much growing up, like cooking, cleaning, and most importantly about God and how to pray. This necklace was on my grandmother's neck every Sunday, as a little girl I would always tell her “When I grow up I want a necklace just like yours”. Time went on and I grew into a teenager and Grandma still had that necklace on her neck. I never understood how the necklace could last so long.  It was a few years ago on Christmas when my grandmother told me she had a special gift for me. As the family got together later that evening while we were all passing out gifts, my grandmother gave me this necklace and I remember her telling me to take good care of her Sunday necklace. I'm honored that she gave me this necklace because she received it from her mother and I thought she would never pass it down. If she did it wouldn't have been me especially since she has 5 daughters of her own and so many other grandchildren. I'm glad my grandmother and I can have such a strong connection. Even in her old age we still talk every day and I see her every Sunday.  I make sure I wear this necklace on Sundays just like grandma did. I hope one day I’ll be able to pass it down to my granddaughter just like my grandmother did for me. 

Place(s): Portsmouth, VA

– J.H

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