Necklace with Cross

In Attire
This is a necklace from my late mother.
This is a necklace from my late mother.

   The object that I chose for my story is a necklace. It's a religious necklace even though I’m not religious I still wear it. This necklace relates to New York because my mother and I are from New York. The necklace is also from New York and shows that it comes from a black community because of the designs on the necklace. The necklace is gold with a golden cross with some designs on it. I don't know where the necklace is from but it's a religious piece. My mother was supposed to give me this necklace whenever she felt that I may have needed it but she wasn't able to because she passed away before she gave it to me. Ever since I found the necklace I haven't taken it off. The necklace is very important to me because it's from my mother and I know she would want me to wear it. When my mother passed away it was very hard for me and finding the necklace and wearing it since she died has brought me closer to her. I don't exactly know how but when I wear the necklace it makes me feel like she's right next to me watching over me. It feels really good to have her watch over me because I love her so much and I miss her a lot too. 

Place(s): New York City

– Hunter

Relationship:  unknown unknown