A necklace
A necklace

My object is a necklace that my great grandma gave to me before she passed away.  It’s a golden necklace with the name of the god (Allah).  It was made in Saudi Arabia, my great grandma got it when she was there pilgrimaging. I keep it with me all my life because it’s very important to me, since my grandma got it from Mecca which is a Holy place in my religion.  My great grandma passed away at age of 93 after two years after giving me the necklace. This necklace is important to me because every time I see it I remember my great grandma’s smiley face and the good times I spent with her.  I keep it in my closet, I only get it out if I want to remember my great grandma.  I have been in United States for almost 10 months, I came from my country Lebanon in June 28, 2018.  I came here just for visit, but we liked the US and we heard about good schools, also a lot of my family are here like my uncles, my aunts, and my two older brothers.  So we decided to stay here.  Now that I am in the USA this necklace reminds me of my country Lebanon because I spent all these good days with my great grandma in Lebanon.

Place(s): Lebanon and United States

– Y.w

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child