Necklace from Texas

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Necklace From Texas
Necklace From Texas

Kevin migrated from Texas to New York City when he was 10. His grandma lived in Texas and his parents lived in New York. He constantly traveled back and forth between the two states, not knowing which to call home. He is now 21 and has grown to love New York. He had decided to make New York City his permanent home but the city life can be overwhelming. He missed the deer hunting season, large schoolyard, countryside lifestyle and, his grandma in Texas. At times like this, the necklace Kevin received from his grandma helped him ease his longing. Kevin brought this necklace with his grandma the first time he visited Texas. It was an inexpensive, simple wooden necklace but with great sentimental value. To Kevin, this necklace represents his American-born Chinese identity, childhood in Texas, and his relationship with his grandma. Whenever he visited Texas, his grandma asked to see his necklace and reminded him to wear it at all times. Kevin “felt safe in sort of a way… it was like knowing [his] grandma was watching over [him].” The necklace helped him reconnect with his multiple identities and motivated him to keep striving during hard times. 

Place(s): Texas
Year: 2007

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant