Necklace from Grandmother

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Relationship: Im/migrant

My name is Gladys Ladagu A.  My object is a necklace made with smooth blue and red beads and was made in my village named Brono State, Nigeria. I keep it because it means alot to me and my family.  This is how I remember my grandmother.  It’s very important to me because, I can use it in my traditional celebration during someone's wedding or I can put it together with my dress.  My culture is very important to me because we celebrate a lot of things and do alot of dance.  We share a lot of food with our friends and family and show some of our important things that are given to us from our family like clothes, necklace, and other items.   It was made for my grandmother and I am the first person she gave it to because she wanted me to remember her when I am not with her.  This necklace means alot to me because this is  how I can remember my grandmother that is far away from me. This is the story behind my necklace that was given to me. This necklace is important to me and my family and culture because I can put that on during our Culture Day.  In the future I can give this to my kids after I grow up and get married. 

Place(s): Nigeria, United States
Year: 2018

– GLA.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant