In Attire

My object is a necklace that my brother gave me before he left for college. It comes from a place in France. The necklace is made from leather and silver. The part that’s silver is the charm. It is rectangular with words I can’t read because they’re in a different language. This necklace is important to our family because we have had it for a long time, and it comes from France which is where a lot of my ancestors are from. Plus my brother Solomon gave it to me and Solomon is an important part of my life.     The history behind the necklace is that my grandfather gave it to my dad because he was 13 and then years later my dad gave it to my brother Solomon when he was about 13. Five years later Solomon gave it to me and it made me feel really special to be the youngest person to get the necklace at 11 years old.
This object represents me because I got it after my dad and Solomon. When Solomon gave it to me, I was really excited.


Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant