Imagine moving halfway across the world. The people, the language, and even the streets around you are foreign and unfamiliar. In 1968, my grandparents and their children emigrated halfway across the world to the United States of America from the Philippines. My grandparents had four children, one of them being my father, and they had to move across the world to a completely unknown place in order to have a better life. In fact they did not have much in the Philippines and did not take many things when they came over to America. However, one special thing that my grandmother did take is this necklace that my grandfather bought her. There was no special occasion he bought it for, but she always wore it and kept it with her wherever she went. Last Christmas, my grandmother decided to give the necklace to me as a present. She explained to me how important it was to her, especially with my grandfather passing away the year before and how I had to never lose it. It’s such an important piece of mine because my grandmother had trusted me with one of her most prized possessions. This connects with my identity and culture because it is from the Philippines where I am from. I am 50% Filipino and although I don’t follow too much Filipino tradition or speak Tagalog, I do eat lots of Filipino food and identify with others that are Filipino.

Year: 1968

– Mia

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