National Mexican Jersey

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant
Green, Number 22,Mexico Logo,Red Strips
Green, Number 22,Mexico Logo,Red Strips

My object represents my family's cultural identity because in my family we love to watch and play soccer. We also go for the National Mexico team for soccer so we always like to watch them play. Also my parents are from Mexico so this can also represent our origins of where my family came from. It also has the name H. Lozano and the number 22 because that is my favorite player from the National Mexico team in soccer. 
Even to this day I still play soccer with friends, family, or even people you can just meet. My family members had migrated from Mexico to the United States of America. They had landed in Chicago because they had some part of their family in Chicago so they knew that they had to migrate there. 
They came from Iguala in Mexico and it is a small city in Mexico. After a while my mom met my dad and they had found a small apartment in Melrose Park and that is where I live now. The things that stand out to me is the way my family has moved here into the United States of America. I also had wondered if that my parents never met in the job that they were working at. I also questioned them about where they would live if they didn't move from Mexico and they had said that they would have been looking, maybe in Florida. 
I believe that my family's story connects with other family’s stories because some people that have migrated from other countries come with other families so some people might have the same story as I have written. The other people's story might be a little different than mine but it can still be very similar.

Place(s): Chicago, Mexico

– Carlos

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant