Nasuti Family Tree

Hand drawn Nasuti Family Tree
Hand drawn Nasuti Family Tree

In 1906 my great grandfather came with his two brothers to America looking for a job to get their families out of poverty. When he was over in America he documented what happened in a book. The book was passed down from generation to generation, each recording family affairs. The book containing pictures of relatives and the story behind are family, and the book is one of a kind so it is very important to are family. My grandmother, and many other relatives were not taught to speak Italian and that's what made her life a lot harder. Learning English and being just a “regular” American person would be a lot harder to accomplish. Trying to dodge any Italian stereotypes my family tried to leave their past behind. So the book stays as a reminder to everyone in the family as a reminder of where my family comes from and lets us celebrate our heritage. With such a great tie to our heritage our family can be proud of where we came from, and show it.

Year: 1906

– John

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant