My Watch

In Attire

 One sunny day I was relaxing in my comfortable bed, feeling the cool breeze from my window, when out of nowhere, my parents burst through the door and rushed me out of the house. In the car, on a drive that felt like hours, I wondered what would cause them to bring me out in such a rush. Was it a special event or occasion? Did I do something wrong? After wondering forever, we finally arrived at the Greece Mall. After walking around the plentiful stores and shops, we came across this jewelry store, a small place with a man and his wife at the counter and hundreds of sparkling watches, necklaces, rings and more shiny objects. After looking at all the shine, my eyes came across this one watch. My parents saw my interest in the object and hatched a plan. Months later on what seemed like a completely random day, my father came into my room and handed me the watch that I had my eyes on many months before. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and graciously accepted my gift. To this day I still wear it out to special occasions like family dinners or events. I’ve always appreciated what my parents have done for me. 

Place(s): New York

– TC

Relationship:  unknown unknown