My watch

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This is my watch
This is my watch

My watch is a very important object in my life. I got my watch from my aunt that lives in Michigan it would take 10 hours to come to my house so she gifted me a computer,a chessboard, and my watch as a gift for my 11th birthday . But sadly my mom returned my computer. My watch is important to me because it keeps me healthy by setting goals and I usually try a lot to achieve that goal. My watch also tells me the time which is really important to be on time if I have a meeting or I have to attend something important so I can be on time . When  I were in quarantine my watch use to help me entertained by having a stopwatch app so I can do contest like how fast I can run. Or how long I can hold my breath. I would also have contests with my sibling whenever I’m bored. Ever since I got a watch I have been doing a lot more walk during quarantine. Now I don’t do so many because I have a lot less time due to school. I am very grateful to have a watch and it has kept me a lot of focus in my health.

Place(s): NYC

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