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When I came to the United States, I brought with me my favorite t-shirt, a special one with symbols of my favorite soccer club. I had bought it around eight years ago and had worn to all of my team’s games. My favorite team, which I have supported for more than 16 years, is Manchester United. In the year when I bought my t-shirt, my team won the English Premier League Cup. The next year, they played really well and won the most valuable cup in the world –  the UEFA League Championship. That’s why this t-shirt is so special for me. Can you imagine if your  team had been losing a lot of games but once you started wearing your “magic shirt”, they started winning almost every one and getting any cup they wanted. After I moved to the United States, I wore my t-shirt a couple of times, but unfortunately, my team did not win any valuable cups. I wonder if I am partly responsible for my team’s losses. I take a bigger size right now so it’s difficult for me wear my team’s t-shirt. Maybe when I slim down, my team will win more cups.  

Year: 2010

– Dmitry Yuryev

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant