My Sweet Dear Mom’s Photo

Relationship: Im/migrant
photo of my mom
photo of my mom

My object is a photo of my sweet kind mother. It was made in photoshop in 2005. This photo was taken in Kenya. The picture included my mom, my sister Sumaya, and I. The history behind it is that before my mom came to the United States, we used to live in Kenya together. One day at Eid my mom suddenly decided to take many photos, but I didn’t know why. Without us knowing my mother was thinking to come to the U.S. She wanted us to have these photos to remember her. The day that mom leaves us in Africa, our grandma gave us the photo. She told us that our mother said “to give this to my daughters so they don’t forget me.  Also, tell them that I love them and we will be together soon.” The picture helped me during difficult times.  For example, whenever I remembered my mom I use to always look at it and feel better. I use to feel like my mom is next to me.  It took many years my mom and I to see each other again. Finally, I came to the U.S.  Now, I can see my mom every day. The photo is very important to my life so, I still keep it to my three devices. I don’t want to lose it.

Place(s): Kenya

– Fadumo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant