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the front cover of my sketchbook :)
the front cover of my sketchbook :)

About a year ago, my parents got me this sketchbook because I had just finished my old one. It’s a small sketchbook, a bit bigger than my palm and it has watercolor paper. I decorated it with some stars on the cover and a Pokémon sticker. We just ordered it online, and I remember when it arrived I had been waiting for it all day. I feel like art doesn’t really sound like it would be that big of a deal but with how much I draw, it has become a large part of my identity. I’ve loved art my whole life, butI started getting more interested in it when I was in kindergarten. This sketchbook is my sixth one, and I started using sketchbooks like this when I was about 9 years old. I think this is the longest I’ve taken to finish one, though. I’ve met a lot of people through art, too. Most of my friends have been people who I started talking to because we both really liked to draw. Overall, I think that with how much time I’ve spent drawing and painting, it has really helped shape me as a person and probably changed a lot about who I am.

– alexiseber

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