My Roots

Relationship: Im/migrant
Cerro de Guaisunva
Cerro de Guaisunva

 Where I'm From

I am from the field, animals and land. 
I am from a noisy neighborhood and respectful people. 
I am from vegetables, trees and plants whose huge view makes the mountain look beautiful. 
I am from fresh nature from fruits and eggs. 
I am from a united, hard, quiet, lovely, family
I am also from a big number. 
I am from meeting, Catholic and sociable. 
I am from my parents' food like beans, rice, from Mass, and soccer field. 
I am from those moments which bring memories to me. 
My family was always united. 
We had difficult moments, but we knew how to solve them together. 

Place(s): Lislique, El Salvador
Year: 2017

– L

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant