My objects from my countries

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My artifacts are a purse and necklace from Puerto Rico, a doll from Peru and my coin purse from El Salvador. The purse is used to carry stuff like money. The necklace is used for jewelry and you can wear it to parties or everyday use. The doll is to play with. I play with the doll myself. The coin purse is to carry money, I carried money in there too. The purse is made out of  fabric, with beautiful dyed colors and string, The elephant on the coin purse is made out of metal. The necklace is made out of stone and string that feels like vine but thinner. I like to keep all my objects inside there, I guess like me, the purse holds all these parts of the  country. 
I chose this because I wanted to show how things like purses, necklaces, coin purses and dolls are different in other places. I also chose this because I have never been to Puerto Rico, Peru OR El Salvador so they are very important because I might never get to go there. It’s important to me because that shows my  countries kind of everyday items. 
One day I wore the necklace on the Puerto Rican Day Parade because I felt I had one day just for me, and I could be happy to be Puerto Rican. Sometimes, I feel like I have to pick, but I don’t want to. Why should I? I have all these countries that make up who I am, and I’m proud of each and everyone. I couldn’t just pick one thing, if I did that it would be like I was denying all the other parts that make up who I am. Like, how can you love one arm more than the other?   

Place(s): Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador

– A

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant