Wedding Photo

Everything that I have in my life was the result of my grandparents being in the right place at the right time which was difficult being that at birth there was an ocean separating them. Explaining this is a picture of my grandfather and grandmother on their wedding day. Because this picture is in a frame in my mother’s room, the wedding photo was always a picture that I had seen growing up. This picture is connected with my entire life because this is the moment that I recognize that my known family was created. This is important to me because it symbolizes the origins of my family and likewise, is a comparison to what we have become. That is why this connects to my identity because when I see this photo it reminds me of where my grandfather and grandmother came from in their raising. This photo symbolizes how my grandfather came to America at 10 in order to achieve the American dream for him and his family. For instance, to me this picture represents my grandmother and grandfather’s upbringing. Every time I see this photo I see all of the life experiences they have lived through, being together or apart, and therefore has led to the lives of me and my family. As a result, photo connects me to my deep Italian roots and our priority of family.

Year: 1949

– Michael M

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