My Nonna's cook book.

An cookbook with a bright blue color.
An cookbook with a bright blue color.

    My Nonna’s Recipe Book                Hi my name is BrÏelle! Today I will be telling you about my Nonna’s (grandmothers) recipe book. She hand wrote this book, and it was used for the family to make food from her country which is Italy. My mom and dad and sometimes me cook food from it. It is made of a paper notebook with a bright blue cover.
I'm very proud and happy to have it because my Nonna is in heaven now, it's a part of her.This recipe book is important to me because it was one of the last things we have of her, “oh except the pillow we stole”- “I mean accidentally took from her house the last time we were over”. If you didn't know and you probably didn't, my Nonna was Italian so she wrote down a lot of Italian recipes that her mother cooked and taught her. We cook a lot of food with it but I don’t eat a lot of it because I'm a REALLY picky eater. One of the only things I eat from it is chicken cutlets. I love to eat it with fresh lemon and then dip it in ketchup, “don't judge me”.
I also like to eat garlic stuffed olives that she uses a lot also. My Nonna used to cook with my dad a lot when he was little, and that's cool because now my dad loves to cook and he's really good at it. I also wonder how she thought of all of these recipes. I still have a lot to learn about my culture and a lot of recipes to learn too. I’m proud to be Italian because we invented pizza and a lot of other great food. I love you Nonna. Thank you for loving us and writing us the book.

Place(s): Italy

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