this is a bagel
this is a bagel

Every weekend my family and I bagels for breakfast or brunch. We always get them at Terrace Bagels, my mom usually gets an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese, onions and tomatoes, my dad always gets pumpernickel toasted  with tofu cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, and capers, finally I get, plain bagel with cream cheese and lox. As a native New Yorker, I am proud to say that New York City is known for their bagels.  Around the 1900’s bagel brunch became popular in New York City, this consists of a bagel with cream cheese spread, lox, red onions, capers, and tomato. The word bagel is Yiddish and the food comes from a Jewish town in Poland. 

Place(s): Poland, Israel

– MK

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