My nephew


My object is not an object it's my nephew Lenny and he's important to me and here's why, so my sister was feeling bad and my mom started to talk with her in private to speak to her about what has going. They finished talking so I decided to go speak with her and ask her myself what was going on and she brought me inside her room, she closed the door, sat me down and told me that she was expecting a baby which meant she was pregnant. The first thing that I thought about was my mom and I asked her if mom knew about this. She said yes, she does and said that mom was disappointed because at the time she was 19 and just started college. Although, for me the thought of having a nephew was exciting and she's my sister so I was always going to support her with whatever she needs and the rest of my family as well. After a few months everything was good, and we couldn’t do anything about it, so we decided to help her in anything she needed. My family and I were excited to have a new member of the family that every time someone would bring him up it always brought joy to us. July 27, 2018 was when my nephew was born, and we were all excited, after all he is the start of a new generation of my family. 

– Paulina L.

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