My Mother's Love

Relationship: Im/migrant
A Picture of my Dog Tags/Necklace
A Picture of my Dog Tags/Necklace

At a younger age, I received a gift from my mother. This gift was a necklace; on it, are dog tags. The dog tags on my necklace are not on the basis of death, but just as something from her due to us being apart. The gift was also influenced by her involvement with the Navy, which she spent 20+ years in, and her wanting me to have something to know I am always loved. Currently, my mother is in Florida, and I am here in Virginia. Although she used to be here with me, she often had to go out to sea as a member of the Navy. Because of this we spent a lot of time apart. I don’t exactly remember when I first received my necklace, although I do remember that it first started out with only one Dog Tag, the silver one. Eventually, for Christmas, my mother sent me another one, the black one, which I decided to simply add onto my necklace. I believe the gifts first started with the Dog Tag, but it was due to my mom wanting me to have physical gifts from her that carried meaning. At one point I received a blanket, at another I received a bracelet, and most recently I’ve received a lamp. Perhaps it was the order in which they came that made the dog tags significant to me, but it is also because they lie closest to my heart. Despite my favoritism, these things are all signs of my mother’s love and care, and I appreciate them greatly. Hence, this item holds great significance to me, and someday I wish to pass these dog tags on to my son. My tags have been a constant reminder to me of who I am and where I come from, and I hope it will do the same for those that may receive them.

Place(s): Norfolk, VA ; Jacksonville, FL

– TR

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant