My Mom's Baptism Dress

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The day Marissa was baptized.
The day Marissa was baptized.

The year of 1978, Marissa was born to Timothy and Margret. She was the first grandchild to Pete and Marie, the first to be cherished, to be taught, to be loved, and to be introduced to faith. Thus, very quickly after she was born, she was put in a delicate white dress and a beautiful bonnet and was baptized. Although her family has all contributed to the introduction of faith, Marie has had the greatest impact throughout her life. She stands here today as a beautiful 92-year-old woman who constantly radiates hope and faith regardless of her struggles. She raised her own siblings from an early age, raised her own six kids, lost her husband following his sobriety when he was hit by a drunk driver, lost two of her daughters, and beat multiple kinds of cancer. Even after facing all these challenges, she has always believed in God’s path for her, constantly prayed, and has never let others feel the same pain she has. As Marissa has grown to be a strong woman and wonderful mother, she has looked back at her grandmother and the faith she installed in her when she was young, being reminded of what this dress means to her. Not only has this made her a better person but it has also expanded her values, faith, and appreciation for her grandmother. Through my great-grandmother, I have grown to trust God's path and pray when it is necessary. Learning about my mom's experiences and stories about her grandmother has made me appreciate and value the relationship I have with my own grandmother. 

Place(s): New Jersey

– MK

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more