My Little Sister

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is a photo that I took of my sister
This is a photo that I took of my sister

Hi, my name is K’maia and this is my story about my sister K’lynn. I chose my little sister because she is always there for me. For example, during  this quarantine she has really helped me cause I have been really stressed and she always tries to lift me up . It’s good to know I have someone I can always depend on to be there with me and even though we yell at each other half of the time she still is my favorite  person. We love to take pictures and draw, she is only 2 but sometimes it feels like she is the same age as me because we talk about everything together. She is my best friend and she is really smart, I read books to her and tell her about my day. We do a lot of stuff together like listening to all different types of music and dance. When she first came into my life I didn't want a sister but now i'm so happy to have her in my life!

– K'maia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant