My Last Name

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
 This is a family photo of the brothers
This is a family photo of the brothers

My last name is always a topic of discussion for most people I meet. It being long, looking very foreign and having quite a few silent letters has had people asking questions for as long as I can remember. For the longest time I never really knew very much about what my last name meant until I talked to my father about it. The origin of my last name, Inalsingh, is one that goes back to the very beginning of my family. It started off with two brothers: one named Inal and one named Ragunandan. At the time in Trinidad nobody had a form of identification. Everyone just had names without documentation. When Britain colonized Trinidad the brother Inal worked for the British government. So when they were colonized, everyone's names needed to be documented. The brothers could not agree on one unique name, so the brother Inal changed his last name to Inalsingh which is a completely random name. While the other brother changed his last name to Ragunandansingh also completely random. Both brothers went their separate ways starting families with their last names being passed down to each generation. Until it finally reached me and my family. My last name means a lot to me because quite a unique name and it's one of a kind. Anyone who has this last name is to be related to me unless they’re lying.

Place(s): Trinidad
Year: 1972

– TI

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant